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Tips for Insulating Your Shed


Tips for Insulating Your Shed

At NWSM Building Group we have professionally designed our sheds for an absolute brilliant finish. We pride ourselves on building sheds for Australian conditions, with our sheds being designed and certified for anywhere up to Region ‘A’ T/C 2. In Australia we experience an extremely wide range of temperatures.  Adding insulation to your shed is a great way to further its usefulness as an extension of your home. When you spend extended periods of time in your shed it makes sense to make your shed a comfortable as comfortable as possible. This is especially the case when you use your shed as a workshop or a recreational spot to entertain friends. This article will help provide you with some useful tips on how you can insulate your shed.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is the most commonly used insulation material you can find. You install it in the inside of the building between the studs. You then have to cover the fiberglass with more wall material. Fiberglass is a good vapor barrier and will protect against humidity.

Siding and Air

One kind of insulation, commonly referred to as an air barrier, are sheets of treated plastic. These sheets are commonly found on the outside of a new home. The air barrier material helps keep air outside where it belongs, and helps to normalize the internal temperatures. You can wrap an air barrier around your shed and keep it tacked in place. On top of the air barrier you would then place some sort of siding. The kind you use on the shed is based on your preference and can be plastic, wood, or sheet metal.

Never Forget the Roof

When you start to insulate a shed you then have to look at it as more than just a structure that has four walls and a door. The roof is often neglected in the insulating process but it needs to be protected.

If you choose to have your shed built by NWSM please enquire about our insulation options. A member of our friendly team will talk you through all of custom shed options available to build the perfect shed for your needs.

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