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New Robotic Laboratory for Atlas Iron


New Robotic Laboratory for Atlas Iron

IMP Group (world leaders in the supply of automated and robotic laboratories) engaged NWSM Building Group to design and construct a laboratory at Mt Webber for Atlas Iron. The new state of the art laboratory is used as a fully integrated robotic analytic facility. “The automated system will process a mix of geochemical mining and pit control samples, metallurgical control samples and a dedicated line to process near mine geochemical exploration samples,” said a spokesperson from IMP. “The scope of the design was for a fully automated sample preparation and analysis facility, initially for 600 samples per day, with the capability to increase processing capacity to 800 samples per day.”

The industry leading, world class robotic analytic facility is fully automated. “Human intervention errors commonly associated with manual or non-integrated geochemical laboratories are eliminated.” said IMP.


NWSM Managing Director, Bruce Robertshaw said he was proud to be associated with IMP and worked hand in hand for the structural building side of the works. “Having the Robo-Prep automated laboratory situated at the Mt Webber mine site will provide Atlas Iron with expedited turnaround times for the Mining Control and Metallurgical Process Control data.”


Access to accurate rapid turnaround data provides Atlas management with information to make timely decisions on their product grade, production and blending processes to enhance the quality and value of their final product.” said a spokesperson for IMP. “Atlas Iron have selected Intertek to manage the Mt Webber automated Robo-Prep site Laboratory facility, reporting data of the day to day operations to the Atlas team.”


Cover photo courtesy of IMP

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