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Panelift Garage Doors – Why They’re the Best


Panelift Garage Doors – Why They’re the Best

If you’re in need of new garage doors in Perth, you’ve likely heard a bit about Panelift doors. These unique, high-tech garage doors come with a whole host of features that really make them stand out from the crowd.

Strength and Durability for More Security

You’ll never wonder if your garage door is secure when you have a Panelift door. These doors are made with strong reinforcing materials, rolled-over edges, and larger doors have double-end stiles. These doors are extensively tested, and they’re designed to withstand years of regular use. Plus, they’re made right here in Australia with our harsh climate in mind. They can take whatever Perth’s weather has to throw at them.

Superior Insulation

Panelift’s insulation system – INSUL-SHIELD – is made of an innovative material that provides up to 20% more insulation than most other doors. Plus, Panelift garage doors also protect against and are unaffected by humidity, too.

To make their insulation system even more effective, these doors have a high-tech and efficient sealing system that helps keep cool air in during the summer and protects against drafts in the winter. And with insulation like that, these doors also have a great deal of sound damping, as well. Whether you’re trying to work in peace in your garage without hearing a lot of traffic outside or you want to protect the neighbours from your kids’ garage jam sessions, you’ll appreciate your Panelift door.

Available in a Wide Range of Colours

No matter what colour your home is, Panelift has a garage door colour to match or complement it. Plus, each door is designed to work perfectly with the size of your garage door opening so that you won’t have any uneven panels causing your garage door to look awkward or out of place.

The Inside Is as Nice as the Outside

Finally, Panelift doesn’t stop with a great looking exterior on their doors. They also pay attention to the inside of the door, as well. With their factory-fitted hinge system and their in-line wheels and tracks, these doors have a neat and clean appearance on the inside that matches the quality of the outside.

Want to learn more about Panelift garage doors and how you can get the best garage doors in Perth? Contact us at NWSM Building Group today to get all of the information you need to choose the very best garage doors for your home.

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