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Handy Hints for Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Shed


Handy Hints for Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Shed

If you’re interested in building a storage shed in your yard or on your property, you may want to think carefully about the best spot to build it before beginning construction. Sheds can be used for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for garden tool storage, a cooling area, a miniature workshop or more. Pre-built sheds can be purchased in various sizes and shapes, but building your own shed may grant you the best flexibility and usefulness based on your needs.

Before starting your shed construction project, consider these tips to decide which spot in your yard is the best for such a shed. You want to utilise the most of the shed’s capabilities, and different locations are convenient for different reasons. After you’ve picked your tools and your wood, read this guide before you get started in this full-fledged project. Consider the most important and crucial factors that can play heavily into the success of your project.

Assess Your Terrain Options

Terrain is one of the most important factors to consider before building your new shed. If you’ve taken a close look at the ground you’re standing on, what do you notice? Is it rocky? Is the dirt hard? Are there too many dirt or rocky clumps in the way? What about the trees? Are you building in a more diversified foliage area? Tree roots can cause for a very bumpy and uneven surface, and are often very hard to remove. Uprooting a tree can be expensive and unnecessary, so perhaps it’s best to build something else.

The best type of terrain for your new shed is flat, smooth terrain. Make sure there are no obstacles or bumpy surfaces. Ensure that the area of your choosing is clear of rocks, dirt clumps tree roots, and holes. You can never go wrong with flat ground.

Ensure Your Shed is in an Accessible Location

Accessibility plays a large part in determining where to place your shed. Think about what you want to use your shed for – are you going to be carrying tools back and forth on a frequent basis? Are you using it as an active workstation? If so, it’s best to build your shed in a location that offers accessibility. You won’t want to be tripping over rocks or plants on your way to the shed. Nor do you want to have to climb up steps or a ladder to reach it if you can help it. Create a convenient spot for your shed to ensure ease of access no matter how frequently you’ll be accessing it.

Don’t Let It Collect Water

Make sure you understand where the water in your yard goes when it rains. Are there certain spots that collect water and create puddles? Do you have a lot of dirt in an area that will create a lot of mud? Make sure to know these spots well, and avoid building a shed on them. Make sure your shed is on even terrain and not on a low point where water can flow into it. You won’t want your supplies and your shed to form mildew or rot.

Be Careful of Light and Heat

Do you know how much sunlight hits your yard? Does your yard face long, hot days? While it’s good to have your shed in a nice open and flat space with clear lighting and accessibility, you don’t want too much light hitting it. Too much exposure to sunlight will wear the paint down and also may cause too much uncomfortable heat on the inside. Your items inside the shed can get too hot, which can be just as damaging as water buildup. When determining where to place your shed, make sure it isn’t going to sit there and bake on the hot summer days.

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