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The Essential Components of a Quiet Garage Door


The Essential Components of a Quiet Garage Door

If you’ve been living with a noisy garage door, you know how much of an inconvenience this can be. The loud screech or rumble during the day can interrupt your conversations, while someone coming home late at night can ruin your sleep. And if your bedroom is above the garage, good luck trying to get some rest if you have a family member who works a late shift. But there are many fixes for a noisy garage door that can make this problem a thing of the past.

What causes a noisy garage door?

Garage doors are actually made up of several moving parts, any of which could be the true culprit behind all the noise. The first part is the rollers, which are made to roll in the tracks as your garage door opens and closes. A big problem with these is that they start to slide instead of roll, which causes a grinding or screeching. Try switching to a quieter roller, such as a nylon roller.

The door opener can also be a cause for noise. If you have a chain-drive door opener, you could be hearing a lot of clatter as the chain moves. Try a rubber belt drive opener instead. If you don’t want to change any of the components, or you suspect that the noise has more to do with the construction of the space, try placing vibration isolators between the door opener housing and the brackets, which can muffle a lot of the noise.

Regular maintenance can help.

Another important factor to consider when your garage door seems too noisy is how often you are performing regular maintenance on the door and its components. Just like any other moving thing, a garage door needs just a little bit of love occasionally. Regularly check for loose nuts and bolts that should be tightened, any metal parts that need to be lubricated for smoother rolling or movement, or worn-out weather-stripping that may need lubrication or replacement.  Your garage door may also have a user’s manual that can offer other tips for regular maintenance. Following a regular routine can do wonders for keeping your garage door quiet.

Consider going to the pros.

If you’ve checked all the components, done some basic maintenance, and still can’t find the reason for your noisy garage door, it may be time to head to the professionals. Most garage door companies have service technicians that can come to your home and inspect all the components. They’ll properly lubricate, tighten, and replace any components that need work, and can even offer regular maintenance programs so you don’t have to worry about it.

Professionals can also tell you if it’s time to consider a new garage door. There are many types of garage doors specifically made with noise-reduction features, such as extra insulation, the right materials, and more. Getting in touch with a garage door specialist near you makes it easy to find exactly the right item without needing to become a garage door expert yourself.

Don’t forget about the rooms around the garage!

While you’re working on identifying and fixing the source of the noise, don’t forget that you can also insulate the rooms around the garage for better noise reduction. Rooms above the garage should have carpets and heavy window coverings if possible, and shelving or wall coverings in a mud room or pantry near the garage can help keep some of the noise from bleeding into your house. Once you’ve found the cause, and performed the correct fix, you’ll be amazed at how much more restful your home can be.

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