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Buyers Guide to Sheds with NWSM


Buyers Guide to Sheds with NWSM

There are many reasons you may need a shed on your property. From storing your gardening tools to keeping expensive equipment locked up and protected, NWSM offers sheds for every need. But before you dive in, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit about what we have to offer so that you can make the best choice for your shed.


At NWSM, our products are beautifully structured with efficient internal design that works for many needs. Our sheds offer benefits such as:

  • Only Australian products are used in their manufacturing.
  • In-house design ensures that you have options that work for your unique needs.
  • Engineer certified means these sheds will hold up.
  • Custom options mean that you can get what you truly need.
  • Cyclone certified and weather resistant materials keep your items safe.
  • Colorbond steel used in the exterior makes these sheds attractive.

We specifically build our sheds to withstand the conditions of Australia, and our total package includes the design, supply, construction, and approvals involved with getting your shed ready to go.

When you’re ready to buy the shed for your property, there are three main things you need to consider: getting the right size, choosing the look of your shed, and designing any extra features that you need for your space.

Choosing the Right Size

Our standard options include three eave heights: 2.4 metres, 2.7 metres, and 3 metres. These range in width from 3.8 metres to 6.16 metres, and in length from 6.2 metres to 7.7 metres. Our standard roof pitch is 7.5 degrees. As you can see, you have a wide range of size options for getting your storage space just right.

Considering Colour Options

One of the features that makes our sheds stand out is the wide range of colour options you can choose from with the appealing Colorbond exterior material. You can choose a contemporary colour for a stylish shed, such as basalt grey, ironstone navy, jasper brown, and more. Or you can go with a classic colour, such as cottage green (a deep hunter colour) or manor red (a traditional burgundy colour). In total we have over 20 colours to choose from.

Do You Need Extra Features?

Customisation is where our sheds really shine. We can provide a huge range of custom options to ensure that you get the space you need with your shed. Some of our options include:

  • Additional access doors
  • Skylights
  • Sliding doors
  • Internal walls
  • Gutters or downpipes
  • Open bays
  • Insulation
  • Vents

And that’s just the beginning. We can also offer lean-tos and roof-only extensions rather than fully enclosed sheds, and much more. If you need a shed made to your exact specifications, we can help you design it and create it.

When you’re ready to buy the perfect shed, deciding the size, colour, and extra features or unique design, is all you need to do to get started with NWSM. To learn more about our shed options, check out our portfolio.

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