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When Building with NWSM – We’ll Look After You


When Building with NWSM – We’ll Look After You

If you need anything from sheet metal to a garage door to a brand new commercial building in Western Australia, Northwest Shedmasters is here to help. Our company is uniquely positioned to look after your every need so you have nothing to worry about, and a beautiful finished product to look forward to.

Active and Growing Since 1998

We started NWSM in 1998 with the modest goal of building these structures for local individuals and companies at an affordable price.

However, since that time, we’ve experienced explosive growth. Demand quickly caught up to us and we added a garage door division to our company based in Perth. We also added a division to handle sheet metal, which is based in Broome.

While we keep the same attention to detail and focus on customer service that made us so popular in Western Australia well over a decade ago, we can now do much more for our clients, as well.

A Staff of Experts

We won’t hire just anyone at NWSM. It has been vital to our success that we only hire those who are experts in their fields.

Currently, our staff includes specialists in:

  • Civil and Mining Building Construction
  • Showrooms
  • Steel Building Systems
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops and Aircraft Hangars

Our company’s portfolio reflects this diverse group of experts, too. In the past we’ve built a number of different structures like:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Garages
  • Workshops

As we mentioned above, we’ve also supplied sheet metal and garage doors for other projects.

Our Company Handles the Paperwork

Often, it’s the paperwork that causes the biggest problem where new buildings are concerned. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could break ground and be well on your way before you find out that you’re lacking some form or another.

At NWSM, we’ll take care of all your shire/council requirements. This includes anything from energy-efficiency reports to planning approval licenses to occupancy permits and more.

We’ve seen and built it all before, so understanding which documents are required and how they must be filled out has become second nature to us.

Turn-Key Solutions

If you’ve put off the construction of a necessary structure on your property, you’re not alone.

Every year, countless people do the same because it can be such an intimidating process.

We recognized this long ago and came up with a turn-key solution for our customers to keep everything from design to pricing as simple as possible.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean your options are lacking. You’ll still have plenty to choose from in terms of the design of your building. Our in-house engineering team will work with you on the designs to make sure you’re 100% happy with the blueprints before we ever break ground.

Even if you’re not sure of what your needs are exactly, feel free to give us a call at 08 9302 4244 to discuss what you have in mind. We’re always happy to answer questions and walk people through the process of getting the service or product they need.

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