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Better Homes and Gardens – Featuring out B&D Panelift Garage Doors


Better Homes and Gardens – Featuring out B&D Panelift Garage Doors

On channel 7’s Better Homes and Garder Adam is showing you the best way to keep everything inside safe and protected – with a NWSM B&D Panelift Garage Door!

You can watch it here:

You might think that garage doors haven’t changed much over the years, but they have. With home security a big concern for all of us it is important to invest in a new garage door for you home. Older garage doors are notorious for being easy to break into, and with your garage being the biggest door to your house, it is extremely important that it is secure to keep all of your valuables safe.14

With our Panelift garage door range we use a state of the art automatic lock system. When the door goes down, simply click your lock garage door button and a steel bolt  slides across and into your wall making it safely bolted close.

Have you ever left the house and wondered if you closed the garage door? Well now there is an app which lets you open and close it wherever you are. How great is that? Now ensuring your garage door is closed is as simple as a click of a button.

If you need a garage door come in and talk to a member of our friendly team today. As WA’s leading design and construction specialists we will talk you through all of the options available and find the perfect garage door for you home.

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